Alvaro Design LLC.  


Representative Client Comment from

“The first thing I noticed was his personality—he just seemed like a good guy who was going to deliver.” “Alvaro has a cutting-edge vision and creativity about him that I’ve never seen from other guys in his field of work.” “I have friends who’ve had similar work done but for much more—they were shocked and disappointed because theirs looked so generic.” “The only stressful part of the project was wrapping it up—I wasn’t sure
we were going to finish on time; we did, but I think more subs could have been hired to get everything done quicker.” “I’ve been working with Alvaro for almost twenty years and have never had a complaint from a client or someone else on the job.” “His designs are considerate and innovative.” “Alvaro always gives sketches on the spot, and free estimates, too.” “I don’t know why I bother with bids, I should just go straight to him.” “The look is sleek, simple, modern—yet behind it is enough space to store anything.” “The project took a little longer than we expected, but Alvaro had us come down to his workshop to understand the process; everything was so meticulous and gorgeous, it was worth it.” “When I sold the house that Alvaro helped build and decorate, it was off the market in five days.”

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