Alvaro Design LLC.  
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Welcome to Alvaro Design LLC
Turning exceptional woodwork to outstanding furniture pieces. 

If you're in New York, or other surrounding areas, and are looking for exquisite custom design furniture, your search stops here.

Alvaro Design LLC defines artwork with exceptional woodworking through a broad collection of concept design furniture that has a distinct character. Our workmanship represents beauty and style. Our furniture values durability and functionality.

With the ever evolving technology and design, is your home or office furniture keeping up? Furniture are essential elements for everyday living. A home interior is made to look its best with functional, durable and stylish furniture. So much so, highly functional offices work with precision, efficiency and productivity. We understand this with our extensive knowledge in interior design. Here at Alvaro Design, we take the lead in innovative design with our residential and commercial fine custom furniture creations. 

Here at Alvaro Design LLC, our impressive product line is able to accommodate all your special needs and specific requirements for your home or workplace custom furniture. We have the skills and advanced technology to produce furniture that is flexible with change. Our solution based approach gives us an advantage in providing you with best value solutions that match your every need. The only thing you need to think of is moving in to your new and custom-fit space that truly defines five star interior designers artwork. 

We are committed to expanding our collection to feature furniture pieces that can turn your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Our commitment to stylish living and productive business environment drives us to take our work to higher elevations. Your residential and commercial spaces say a lot about who you are and what you do. It is reflective of your image and brand that is personal and exclusive to you. How your home or workplace looks like is is reflective of your character. This is what we define and showcase, a collection of custom furniture that expresses individuality and brand integrity that is as unique you are. 

Backed by over seventeen years in the industry, we have established a solid reputation as the premier concept design furniture company in New York. We create the home of your dreams.

So if you're in New York, and are in need of outstanding custom design furniture that speaks for you, there's only one name to remember - Alvaro Design LLC!